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Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How Does Our Curriculum Work? Answer: Our curriculum is entirely digital, which means no printed books are mailed to your home. Upon purchase, you gain instant access to the curriculum. It’s designed to be ‘open and go’, allowing you to download and start using it on any computer, tablet, or mobile device immediately. To enhance your experience, we provide guidance on using our curriculum with Google Drive or Lumin PDF. Plus, with your purchase, you receive a free access code to Lumin PDF (valued over $120).
  2. What Does “Free Updates for Life” Mean? Answer: When you purchase our curriculum, you’re entitled to ‘Free Updates for Life’. This ensures you always have the latest edition of the curriculum in your account. For example, if you buy the 2nd-5th grade curriculum for a 2nd grader, you can later access the updated versions for the 3rd, 4th, and 5th grades at no extra cost. This feature is especially beneficial when our curriculum is on sale, allowing families to invest in future education without worrying about outdated materials. We consistently update and upload the new versions to your account annually.
  3. Does this curriculum adhere to Common Core? No, this curriculum does not incorporate CCSS.
  4. Can I Use This Curriculum for Multiple Children? Do I Need to Buy Multiple Copies? Answer: Absolutely, you can use our curriculum for multiple children within the same household without the need to purchase additional copies. For instance, if you have two children in the 3rd grade, a single purchase of the 3rd grade curriculum is sufficient. Similarly, if you have a 1st grader and a 3rd grader, the 3rd-grade curriculum can be reused for your younger child when they reach that grade level. Our ‘Free Updates for Life’ policy ensures that you will always have access to the most current edition of the curriculum for your younger child as they advance through different grade levels.
  5. Is this Curriculum Secular or Christian-based? Our curriculum is secular and does not pursue any political or religious agenda. It focuses solely on the educational aspects of the subjects. The curriculum includes lessons on evolution, presented in a way that encourages students to learn about the concept and form their own opinions. This approach promotes critical thinking. While the curriculum is secular, it allows flexibility for families to supplement with religious content if they choose. This makes it suitable for both secular and Christian families.
  6. What is your educational philosophy? Our curriculum is designed to prioritize critical thinking and does not endorse any specific religion or political views. It aims to foster well-rounded, independent thinkers who can objectively analyze and evaluate information.
  7. Is This Curriculum Related to Any Other Homeschool Programs or Curriculum? We’re not tied to any other homeschool curriculum or programs out there. We’re your unique, independent curriculum creators, much like your friendly local bookstore or neighborhood craftsman. Our curriculum is crafted from scratch, with a blend of creativity, fun, and innovation. We craft each lesson with the same love and care as we give to our own families. Our curriculum is designed by and for homeschoolers. We’re dedicated to making homeschooling a delightful experience, combining educational rigor with a hearty dose of enjoyment and originality.
  8. What is your Return Policy? We offer refunds for purchases provided the curriculum hasn’t been fully downloaded. To explore the curriculum before fully committing, we recommend downloading one subject at a time from the samples available on each grade level page. Please note, a full refund is not possible once all the ordered grades and subjects have been downloaded, as the digital nature of our curriculum prevents its return once fully accessed. We hope you understand and try to be as fair as possible with our return policy.
  9. Tell me more about how to use this digitally. You and your student can use a computer, tablet or mobile device to complete the coursework. We have detailed instructions once you purchase, but essentially our curriculum comes in PDF format and you just click where you want to start typing, and you’ll be able to write on the curriculum instantly. We do recommend signing up for a Lumin PDF Teacher account and using that for your student’s work. Lumin is normally $208/yr but our customers get it for free (we supply you with a code to use). It is very easy and you can bookmark where your child left off each day.
  10. Is this program accredited? No. Accreditation is a form of credentialing that applies to schools. The truth is that homeschool curricula cannot be accredited; only academic institutions can. Accreditation occurs when a brick-and-mortar or a virtual school is reviewed by an accreditation agency, and is said to achieve certain standards. Often, the accreditation process involves self-evaluation by an organization during which it compares its own data and feedback against research-based performance outcomes. Since All in One Curriculum is a curriculum and not a school, it cannot be accredited. However, this curriculum is educationally rigorous and does prepare your high schooler for college. Our Curriculum meets all national standards.
  11. Is everything included in this curriculum? Do I need to buy additional books? No. All of our curriculum is complete and comes with the reading material and everything you need to homeschool. Just open the Teaching Guide and the Student Course Work and start! There may be a few household items needed for science experiments, but those are called out in the Parent Teaching Guide and are easily found around your home.
  12. Does this come with teacher books to help grade? Yes! Each grade and subject comes complete with teaching guides and answer keys.
  13. Is this curriculum accessible online or by printing? Both! You can write directly on our curriculum from any computer, tablet or mobile device, or choose to use a program like Lumin PDF (which makes it easy to bookmark each lesson and get back to schoolwork very easily) or you can print at your leisure. We have parents that do each one.
  14. How many hours a day (on average) does this curriculum take? It depends on the grade, but typically between 1.5-3 hours. The 1.5 hours is for the lower grades and is based on attention span, and the older grades take more time. However, you are in control of your homeschool so you can choose how and when to have your child complete the coursework. This curriculum is self-paced.
  15. Does your curriculum include video or classes led by teachers? No, this curriculum is mostly student led, with help from the parent. We do have some videos, but mostly it is reading based and hands-on experiments or projects.
  16. Do you have samples of your curriculum that I can view? Yes! Each grade has samples listed on the page. Just scroll down and you should be able to click the sample links to see what this curriculum has to offer.