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All in One 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

(26 customer reviews)



Are you ready to make 4th grade an incredible year of learning for your child? Look no further! Our All in One 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum is here to ignite their curiosity, inspire their minds, and foster a love for learning.

Scroll down to see samples of the curriculum and for more information.

*NOTE: This curriculum is digital and can be completed on a computer, tablet or mobile device. You can also print the curriculum if you so choose. By purchasing this curriculum, you get free updates for life. If we update this curriculum in the future, it will automatically be updated in your account.


product rating4.96 / 5
160 reviews


🔢 Master Math Skills: Watch your child excel in arithmetic, fractions, geometry, and problem-solving with our engaging and comprehensive math curriculum.

📖 Language Arts Adventures: Spark their imagination and enhance their reading comprehension, writing, and grammar skills through captivating literature and language arts activities.

🌍 Explore the World: Dive into captivating social studies lessons that explore history, geography, and cultures from around the globe, fostering a deep understanding of the world we live in.

🔬 Hands-On Science Experiments: Foster their love for science with interactive experiments and activities that bring scientific concepts to life and cultivate critical thinking skills.

👩‍🏫 Easy-to-Follow Lessons: Our well-organized lesson plans and clear instructions make teaching effortless for parents, providing a structured and comprehensive learning experience.

🌈 Personalized Learning: Customize the curriculum to meet your child’s unique learning style and pace, ensuring they receive an education tailored to their individual needs.

📚 Get everything you need in one convenient package and embark on an amazing homeschooling journey with our 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum.

✨ Join the community of satisfied homeschooling families who have chosen our curriculum. Don’t miss out on this fantastic opportunity!

Our All in One 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum comes with the following:

All in One 4th Grade Complete Math Student Course Book & Parent Teaching Guide with Answer Key – 180 daily lessons for fourth graders continuing their math skills. Topics include: place value to the millions place, review addition/subtraction facts and skills, multiplication of multi-digit numbers, division, factors/multiples, fractions (including mixed numbers and adding/subtracting), decimals, measurement, and geometry.

All in One4th Grade Complete Language Arts Student Course Book & Parent Teaching Guide with Answer Key – 180 daily lessons for fourth graders continuing their Language Arts skills. Topics include: identifying mood, types of characters, plot, rising action, conclusion, and theme in a fiction piece, writing a well-developed paragraph, practice more difficult spelling patterns, identify and use appropriate nouns, verbs, adjectives, and adverbs in their own writing, and identify and use similes and metaphors in their own works.

All in One 4th Grade Complete Science Student Course Book & Parent Teaching Guide with Answer Key – 180 daily lessons for fourth graders continuing their science skills. Topics include properties of matter, physical vs chemical changes, forms of energy, cells, the life cycle of a plant, classification of animals, force and motion, and electricity.

All in One 4th Grade Complete Social Studies Student Course Book & Parent Teaching Guide with Answer Key – 120 daily lessons for fourth graders continuing their Social Studies skills. Topics include: geography skills, parts of the US, symbols of the US Government, state capitals, climate regions, democracy, US landmarks, and economics.

View samples of the All in One 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum here:

Math Student Course Book Sample

Math Parent Teaching Guide & Answer Key Sample

Language Arts Student Course Book Sample

Language Arts Parent Teaching Guide & Answer Key Sample

Science Student Course Book Sample

Science Parent Teaching Guide & Answer Key Sample

Social Studies Student Course Book Sample

Social Studies Parent Teaching Guide & Answer Key Sample

Fourth grade can be such an exciting time for young students. Our All in One 4th grade homeschool curriculum enables children to achieve their learning objectives for the year. Our teacher manuals and student workbooks will help you and your student stay organized and on track throughout your homeschooling journey.

Our All in One 4th grade homeschool curriculum teaches students through fun lessons and activities. With our curriculum, you’ll receive the teacher manuals and the student workbooks that will help you and your child build on previously learned skills so that students continue to build their essential skills in math, science, social studies and language arts.

This All in One 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum comes with everything you need to get your child off to a great start in their academic studies!

Whether your 4th grade student is questioning your decisions, expressing opinions different from your own, challenging your authority or is just more curious as the days go by, this curriculum will help your child thrive on their academic journey by providing fun and engaging lessons that will pique their interests and leave them wanting to learn more. In fourth grade, you can expect your student to start taking the reins of their own learning. It is a very exciting time for homeschool parents!

What do Fourth Graders Learn?

In 4th grade, students will learn to research, write reports, become proficient in addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division skills and start to explore simple geometry.

At this age, fourth-grade students will start to understand more complex subjects. For example, your student will learning everything from the complexity of all of the systems in nature, to economic principles, geometry, writing reports and even ancient civilizations!

Our online 4th grade homeschool curriculum will teach your child the following:

  • Reading comprehension
  • Active listening & critical thinking
  • Scientific inquiry and investigation
  • Engineering & technology
  • Solar system & universe
  • Ancient civilizations
  • U.S. Revolution
  • Geography
  • Economics
  • Living things & life cycles
  • Place value
  • Finding perimeter and area of a shape

See what has to say about this curriculum here:

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26 reviews for All in One 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum

  1. Leticia

    I enjoy the lessons, the work load, planning the lessons and the subject matter.

  2. Deb

    The lessons are very oriented towards the grade and very informative. I love it! My son and daughter are learning a lot.

  3. Gabby

    I absolutely love all in one! My son is engaged and enthusiastic about learning. I especially love the fact that we can go at our own pace!

  4. Wendy

    Great program. My twins love it.

  5. Kelly

    This is our first year home schooling and I was very nervous. Thanks to the all in one team and Kathy, the nervous feelings quickly disappeared. They walked me through everything, they are there to help you, customer service is outstanding! Highly recommend!

  6. Maria

    It is a great curriculum. I like how it explained everything. It explained math really well, and I liked how it gave examples of everything.

  7. Lisa

    If you’re scared that you can’t homeschool your kids. Buy this, try it, and then see what you think. I was terrified to homeschool and this has made our first year homeschooling a breeze. Is it still hard to homeschool? Of course. But it is so rewarding and having a great curriculum to help you through it key!

  8. Margie

    If you are looking for a way to make fourth grade thorough, complete, and FUN, without hours and hours of preparation, then look no further!

  9. Jolene

    It is very easy to use even for those new to homeschooling. My son loves it and never fights with me the way he did with regular school.

  10. Suzanne

    I feel like this review is not going to do this program the justice that it deserves because I don’t really have the words to describe how truly wonderful it is. Our family is currently using the Fourth grade, Ninth grade, and Second grade program this year. It is amazing! We absolutely love it! It makes our school days such a breeze. All the hard work is already done for you! You literally open the book and teach! Your lesson plans, worksheets, and printables are all already right there for you! The only additional things you need to collect for the curriculum are the supplies, which are all low-cost items that you more than likely already have lying around the house, and the required literature — which most is included and if not, I was able to find most of the required literature at my local libraries. The lesson plans are practical and very easy to navigate. The program includes a variety of activities to keep things interesting. This program can easily adapt to different needs and learning styles. I did a lot of research on different programs before I started my homeschool adventure and I am so happy I decided to go with this programs. They have exceeded my expectations and compared to other programs are very well rounded and very incredibly priced. My child is actually excited to do school every day! Homeschool doesn’t get much easier than this! It truly contains everything you need to have a successful student and year! I will use this curriculum for as long as you continue to make them!

  11. Dani

    After an exhausting search, we finally found this amazing company. We love the curriculum. Since this was our first year of homeschool, and we have multiple students and grades, we wanted something that had structure but was not completely regimented. This program has the freedom to work into our busy schedules with all the printed materials needed. The lessons are engaging and include reviews if needed. They are easy to understand, plan, and modify as needed. They are challenging and supportive at the same time, and I could tailor it to all three kids’ learning styles. It is secular but you could easily add in any religious studies easily. It felt great to see the kids work through the year, grow, and thrive. This curriculum made it possible for us to transition successfully and I look forward to next year!

  12. Lorraine

    Great program, great response to customers! THANK YOU!

  13. Donna

    My children is really enjoying the learning activities.
    and I really appreciate that you can email anytime for assistance if need be. Thank you Kathy & Eva!

  14. Gina

    This program really helped my Daughter reach her grade requirements & be able to enroll back in public school this year. Thank you!

  15. Brittany

    All-In-One Homeschool has been the best educational experience my child has ever received. We love the fun lessons, they are easy to follow and learning comprehension is amazing. Highly recommend!

  16. Angie

    AllInOne has been a great transition to homeschooling for my son. The program is easy for my son to do mostly alone on my busy days which is great!

  17. Renee

    We love this program & Kathy & Eva! It helps keep my kids and I organized and on track. We’ve tried many different online homeschooling options, but this one is the best.

  18. Cheryl

    I have been using the 4th Grade Homeschool Curriculum from for the last year, and I am very pleased with it. This curriculum covers all the important subjects for 4th grade, like math, science, language arts, and social studies. The lessons are easy to understand and follow. My child enjoys the activities and videos that make learning fun. The curriculum provides a lot of helpful resources and support, which have been beneficial for me as a parent. The customer service is great, and they respond quickly to any questions or concerns. Overall, I think this curriculum is a good choice for homeschooling 4th graders.

  19. Jenny

    I was very nervous about starting homeschool for my son. This program has made it so easy to take control of his education. Great lessons that my son loves and some of them challenging. Either way this was a great program to get into.

  20. Zelda

    I love this curriculum my son is doing better than when he was in person in school. Definitely worth it.

  21. Janet

    I really like the program, the only thing I would like is for them to have the teachers guide with Spanish options for parents and some students who are not yet fluent in English, since it takes a long time to translate.

  22. Sammie

    This program has been the most helpful and most productive for my daughter. It is so easy to use and to understand.

  23. Barb

    My son is an accidental homeschooler and all in one has helped us adjust, adapt and learn. I couldn’t homeschool without them!

  24. Micky

    This program has been a great fit for my special needs daughter. I would highly recommend it for a child’s education especially if they are special needs.

  25. Naomi

    They have made it so easy as a parent and student to have confidence in learning and overseeing my children’s education. I am beyond Happy with everything this curriculum has to offer.

  26. Melanie M. (verified owner)

    A very amazing curriculum that has so much to teach your fourth graders throughout the year

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